Oakey Creek Clarifier & Inlet Works







Oakey Creek was an interesting project for EPCO Australia. EPCO designed, manufactured and delivered to site a new clarifier tank, inlet works and associated equipment. This project stands as an example of EPCO’s ability to develop a design that would augment the existing sewage treatment plant (STP) already on site – which itself was installed by EPCO Australia in 1978 and remains operations to this day. To augment the existing plant, EPCO worked with multiple contractors to implement a cost effective design that will allow the plant to treat a higher hydraulic load.

Oakey Creek is a great example of EPCO Australia’s tradition of proudly delivering water assets that lasts for generations: on time, on budget and hassle free every time. Oaky Creek STP has been operational for 37 years and will continue to operate under the higher hydraulic loads due to the modifications  implemented on this project.