The EPCO Clean Sweep Roller brush – a simple solution for launder algal growth

In clarifier maintenance the problem for a Utility Operator is often the cleaning of Algae in the Launder.
A few of the issues include:

  • Safety of workers in slippery troughs.
  • Spray Systems that increase the cost of maintenance and power.
  • And for some, home made brush solutions that are less effective.

EPCO Australia is proud to announce the release of it’s innovative Clean Sweep roller brush solution. The Clean Sweep roller brush, for use in Clarifier Launders, has been developed to help reduce the problem of Algal growth. The Clean Sweep Roller Brush comprises five rollers covering 90% of the active trough zone where Algae commonly grows. Instead of developing a single brush that attempts to cover the entire trough, our EPCO design team divided the launder into zones targeting each roller with a particular task from the weir rim to the outer launder wall.

As with all EPCO innovations maintenance was a high priority – in the case of the Clean Sweep system each roller is easily removed and replaced. If a retrofit is required, Clean Sweep can be easily tailored to suit any existing clarifier.
The EPCO Clean Sweep Roller brush – another case of simple solutions for difficult problems.

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