The Silly Season is Upon Us…

The Silly Season has once again descended upon us and as we all fret over finding that unique gift and plan our holidays. It is once again a good time to reflect on the year and what we have accomplished…

Despite what many have seen as a politically-trying year, both locally and worldwide, the demand for high-quality sustainable wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering systems has not let up. As a result, the Hydroflux Group has again seen a record growth year in just about all areas.

A few noteworthy news items from the Hydroflux Group’s 2016 year:


• ­ Helping Australian Water Authorities Be Sustainable:

AerostripAeration of biological treatment systems, even the fine bubble type is typically a massive power consumer and has a high OPEX due to limited lifespan. Thanks to Hydroflux, Water Corporation in Western Australia and many other Australian water authorities have discovered that AEROSTRIP® aeration systems are significantly more power efficient and have a life span in excess of 10 years!
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• ­ Acquisition of EPCO Australia:

EPCO AustraliaEPCO Australia, one of Australia’s largest suppliers of clarifiers, anaerobic digester equipment and package sewage treatment plants throughout Australia, PNG and the Torres Strait Islands or over 50 years was acquired by Hydroflux. This exciting acquisition allows Hydroflux to play a bigger role in supporting sewage treatment plant construction contractors and more actively participating in the mining and resource sector.
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• ­ ­Opening of Offices in Victoria and the United Kingdom (UK):

Hydroflux UKPortsmouth in Southern England is home to our latest office, as we continue to expand our overseas activities, whilst earlier in the year we opened in Victoria, coincidently also located at the southern end of Australia. Both these offices allow Hydroflux to provide better local specialist support to our customers.
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• ­ Exports, Exports and Even More Exports:

Hydroflux Fiji WastewaterNothing better than helping the balance of trade a little. This last year has seen the group’s export market grow massively. This includes two large orders for environmentally sensitive projects into the tropical paradise of Fiji.
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• ­ ­Less Smelly Innovative Odour Control:

Hydroflux Neutralox Odour ControlUnless you are lucky enough to be living next to an Organica Sewage Treatment Plant (which does not smell) then you will know how much the odour of sewage can ruin a BBQ! Available exclusively in Australia and New Zealand from Hydroflux, Neutralox is the latest in in low-cost, small footprint, economical odour control systems.
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• ­ Biological Systems Everywhere:

Hydroflux SBR WastewaterFrom Sequential Batch and Membrane Biological Reactors (SBR/MBR’s), to traditional activated sludge systems and even complex high-load BNR plants, this last year has seen Hydroflux build record numbers of systems in a wide variety of industries. Wineries, abattoirs, rendering plants and even tropical island resorts have all benefited from our specialist knowledge.
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And 2017? Well coming year is shaping up to be something special and you can definitely expect to see a few positive surprises from both our innovation team and overseas partners… Hydroflux extends its grateful thanks to our customers, sub-contractors and staff who have shown us nothing but trust and loyalty this last year.

Merry Christmas to you and your families. We hope you enjoy the holidays and look forward to working with you again in the New Year.

The Hydroflux Group.

About the Hydroflux Group
The Hydroflux Group including EPCO Australia comprises seven companies based in Australia and the UK, providing specialist design and build, equipment, processes and operational services in water and wastewater treatment and sludge treatment and dewatering. The Hydroflux Group are the exclusive Australian representatives for HUBER Technology, AEROSTRIP, CNP Technologies, Aeromix, Flootech MBBR and Organica Water.

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