Maroon Dam reservoir improvement upgrade

At EPCO Australia, we’re proud that over 70% of our clients represent repeat business. And we believe that our commitment to building relationships and delivering hassle-free service is what sets us apart. In 2015 EPCO Australia was called upon by Seqwater to provide some repair/refit work at Maroon Dam. Although this project did not represent a high dollar value, it was complex and high risk with several challenges including working at heights, arranging for a temporary water supply for local residents, managing disinfection and making sure that all appropriate sampling was completed.

EPCO completed a number of smaller tasks to bring this project to life including:

• Removal and replacement of existing header tank

• Removal and replacement of existing pipework

•Removal and replacement of old timber support beams with new pre-painted beams

• Installation of kick boards around the top of the platform

• Installation of a fall-restraint system

• Fitting a level float switch

• Disinfecting all equipment

• Welding safety cage straps to the outside of the cage

• Arranging for temporary water inlet and isolation

• Installation of a scour pipe and sample point

• Pouring concrete near ladder access points

• Installation of new fence works

This site was difficult to access, but EPCO was up to the task, with our team coordinating all logistics and trades including crane and dog man, delivery trucks, electrician, water tanker and client representatives. The removal of the old timber, at a substantial height of 9 meters, was a key safety challenge, but the team worked out a way to make it safe and efficient. The site was left clean and free of rubbish, a point of pride with our EPCO team. In the end, the client was pleased that EPCO came in and, despite the challenges, got on with delivering the job. The relationship with our client prospered because no matter the size of the job or the complexity, EPCO will do what it takes to deliver on time, on budget, every time.



During Installation


Installation Complete