Queensland Government Changes Environmental Regime

By now you may have received a brochure from The Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection announcing changes to compliance and monitoring of environmental standards.

Do you know what your compliance obligations are?

Does your process and equipment meet those obligations?

The department is changing the way it regulates by:

  • Upgrading systems to increase data collection and analysis
  • Expanding the compliance team to spend more time inspecting to ensure businesses are meeting their obligations.
  • Increasing penalties, up to four fold for individuals and corporations that don’t comply.

EPCO Australia offers compliance assistance

EPCO Australia has teamed up with it’s strategic partner Simmonds & Bristow to offer an audit service to help our clients meet the new compliance regime.

Depending on your audit choice, our review will:

  • Evaluate your licenced obligations
  • Compare licence compliance with facility
  • Review staff competence and procedures
  • Review your process, the equipment, it’s condition
  • Provide you with a costed report to enable effective implementation.

If the audit leads to further engagement for EPCO or Simmonds & Bristow, up to half the cost of the associated audit will be deducted from the cost of the further engagement.

Audits available:

  • Process and compliance
  • Equipment and effectiveness
  • Process and Equipment combined

Could your business afford the disruption of non-compliance?

If your answer is NO then contact us now for assistance to meet your licenced obligations.

For bookings:

Call 02 9089 8833

Email:  [email protected]