Customer Service at EPCO: Why We’re Winning

At EPCO Australia, customer service isn’t a “nice to do”. We believe customer service is an absolutely critical component for any successful business. One of our core values is relationships, which we believe should be long-term and mutually beneficial. That cannot be achieved if our clients aren’t satisfied with our work.

We already know that our clients keep on coming back to work with us again and again. At last count, over 70% of our clients have worked with us on more than one project. That makes us happy, but we like to keep ourselves honest and on our toes.

That’s why we stay on top of customer services during all stages of our business. We collect and action feedback all throughout the life of the project and also complete an in-depth survey at the conclusion of the project to allow our clients to share their thoughts with us after all the dust has settled.

We’ve recently been reviewing those results and we’re pretty excited about what our clients have been telling us. We thought you might like to know too.

How does EPCO’s value proposition (what you receive in exchange for the price you pay) stack up?

Our clients scored us an average 8.75 out of 10.

How professional are our project managers?

We’re very proud to have received an average score of 9.3 out of 10.

Do EPCO’s design match up with the purpose and goals of the project?

Our average score was a whopping 9.75 out of 10.

What about on-site timing? Getting the work done on time?

This one is really important since “On time, on budget, every time” is our core promise. Thankfully, our clients agreed that we are delivering by giving us an average score of 9 out of 10.

How does our commissioning documentation compare?

This is an area where our clients tell us that they’re really pleased with our efforts, scoring us an average of 9.7 our of 10.

Closing out the project seems to a particular area of strength for EPCO and our Clients tell us that when it comes to Customer Service, we save the best for last.

On both Commissioning Professionalism and Project Closure, we consistently received perfect scores of 10/10 on both measures.

What does this mean?

At EPCO Australia, we never rest on our laurels. We’re going to keep up our efforts and hope to see our already high scores go even higher. That’s the thing about good customer service – it isn’t something that you start and stop, it is either a part of who you are as a company or its not. At EPCO, we intend to make certain that a focus on customer satisfaction is something we never lose.