Remote and Environmentally Sensitive Site

EPCO Australia has had many years experience in designing wastewater treatment plants for remote sites. We recently installed a new sewage treatment plant for the Wujal Wujal Community near Cooktown, Northern Queensland. It is a mountainous area with typically high rainfall, bordered by the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

In this remote and environmentally sensitive area the level of technical expertise and ready access to maintenance facilities is limited. The system recommended in this instance was based on an RBC (Rotating Biological Contactor) plant due to it’s inherent process robustness, lower power demand, minimal maintenance and basic operator skill requirements.

The plant achieves an A-Class standard (Queensland Water Recycling Guidelines 2005) of wastewater, which is recycled as irrigation to a council-managed tree farm or to the Bloomfield River in high flow wet weather periods.

The long term sustainability of the system and the quality of the end result will bring visible benefits to the community and the environment.