Recycled Wastewater Solution for Landscaping

Drought conditions with the resulting stringent restrictions on water use, make it increasingly difficult to maintain landscaping to a presentable and sustainable level. As landscaping can represent a significant financial investment, there are very real benefits to utilising recycled wastewater in irrigation networks.

The EPCO Australia packaged extended aeration sewage treatment plant (PSTP) was developed in Australia in 1962 to meet the demands of smaller or isolated communities for the purification of domestic sewage to a degree allowing discharge to local water courses or soakage trenches. Adding technological refinements and slightly modifying the process has brought the original package plant concept to the stage of being able to consistently produce A & A+ qualities of treated effluent suitable for reuse requirements such as landscape irrigation, toilet flushing, car washing and the like.

The additions and improvements have made packaged plants ideal for providing adequate water supplies during the total sprinkler ban currently imposed throughout South East Queensland.

Packaged plants can be designed to suit 50 persons to 5000 persons and can be located in ground or above. They have a number of advantages in that they are compact, very reliable and are simple to operate and maintain.

Since the initial development, hundreds of EPCO Australia Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants have found use in innumerable situations in small towns, hotels, mine sites, oil fields and holiday resorts, in climatic conditions ranging from the snow covered Australian Alps to Tropical North Queensland, South East Asia and the hot deserts of the Middle East.