Reliable Supply of Recycled Wastewater

The recent upgrade of Hunter Water’s Cessnock wastewater treatment plant to tertiary treatment was undertaken by EPCO Australia and included the installation of two primary peripheral drive clarifiers, a secondary peripheral humus clarifier, primary sludge digestion equipment and retrofitting of four biological trickling filter mechanisms (Rotary Distributors).

Cessnock wastewater treatment plant now supplies recycled wastewater to a nearby farm and a golf course for irrigation. Recycled wastewater is also used at the plant for general washdown, grit and screening washing and grounds irrigation. Apart from the provision of a reliable supply of recycled wastewater, the upgrade of the plant has provided other benefits including energy savings, odour reduction as well as a reduction in plant operating expenses.

The higher quality effluent requirements for recycled water demand higher levels of operation and maintenance skills. As operators are increasingly being given greater responsibility for the effluent qualities from their plants, part of any upgrade solution must include sufficient training and ongoing support of the plant operators.

EPCO Australia uses a site specific approach to treating wastewater. Our focus is providing an integrated solution that combines proven equipment with innovative processes. Site evaluation of existing equipment and analysis of the results currently being achieved are the starting points for devising a viable solution. For further information or to arrange a site visit call us on +61 7 3279 3276.