Offshore Projects

EPCO Australia has over 35 years experience in developing specialised solutions for clients both within Australia and overseas. Our export experience spans countries such as Oman in the Middle East, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Fiji and Malaysia.

There are many types of treatment systems available throughout the world. Where EPCO Australia differs from many others is the way in which we approach the problem and the vast range of equipment options we are able to offer our clients. Large-scale wastewater treatment works are often the best answer for major cities and EPCO can certainly be of assistance in that area. We have installed Digester Gas Mixing/Activated Sludge systems in Singapore and Sludge Aeration systems in Hong Kong for large-scale municipal works.

In remote and environmentally sensitive locations however, a more specialised approach is required. Over the years EPCO has developed a variety of packaged sewage treatment plants to suit these scenarios. These plants are specifically designed for containerised shipping and where necessary for helicopter haulage to site. This primarily relates to packaged sewage treatment plants for mining/oil field campsites, remote small communities or island tourist resorts.

The choice of treatment system depends on the community’s needs, the effluent quality required, and the financial capacity of the client. Often in developing countries a staged development process is the most appropriate solution. Initially, secondary treatment may be installed with upgrades being added as demand and funds become available. In these situations it is important that the initial sewage treatment plant is designed and positioned to accommodate the later upgrades. Where possible, EPCO endeavours to use local indigenous labour during the site installation process. This is then followed up with plant operational training of these individuals, thus creating an opportunity within the community for ongoing employment in maintaining the system that they helped to build.

In remote environmentally sensitive areas with stringent effluent quality requirements, a more sophisticated system is required with tertiary treatment and chlorine or UV disinfection. In these cases a Rotating Biological Contactor system may be more appropriate.

EPCO Australia designs the equipment, supervises construction, undertakes or supervises installation at the site and carries out commissioning and training.

For further information on export equipment or for an assessment of your wastewater treatment requirements, please contact us.