Rotary Distributors:The rotary distributor or trickling filter is one of the oldest and simplest aerobic biological treatment processes used. These devices are mainly used for sewage treatment on remote sites. Typically these sites have low electrical power capability, basic effluent quality level requirements and low levels of technical expertise.

Rotary distributors that have been in operation for many years may require upgrades to certain infrastructure in order to maintain operational efficiency and improve effluent quality.

By retrofitting the biological trickling filter mechanisms (rotary distributors) to the trickling filter beds a cost effective solution is provided suited to the final effluent quality required.

Disc Filters:Lantian Water Disc Filters deliver high performance filtration for wastewater and industrial applications. Lantian Water Disc Filters consist of a simple,compact design with few mechanical parts and accessories which means a low maintenance requirement and low operating costs. The head loss before and behind the filtration cloth does not exceed 300mm. The total head loss is 800~1000mm,which can be far below that of gravitational sand filters(about 2m)and pressure-type filters (5~10m). The design includes an automatic backwash with a low backwash water use of 1-3% of total throughput.

Tertiary Sand Filters: Sand filters reduce the concentrations of BOD and Suspended Solids from the plant by approximately 50%. The system comprises open gravity or pressurised sand filters operating in parallel, utilizing manual backwashing from dedicated backwash pumps. The submersible backwash pumps are mounted in the filtered effluent storage tank.

In operation chlorinated, secondary treated effluent from the sewage treatment plant is fed by gravity onto the top of the sand beds.  In pressure filters the effluent is pumped through the filter.

The effluent is filtered by flowing down through the bed after which it is rechlorinated and gravitates to the filtered effluent storage tank for subsequent use either as backwashing water for cleaning the filters, irrigation water or other reuse options.

Rotating Biological Contactors: The RBC plant is intrinsically focussed on the reduction of nutrients from the process stream with particular attention to reducing nitrate concentrations.

The RBC process is an efficient and simple fixed film, under semi-submerged conditions.

This process is typically implemented where power outage to the process may occur and simple re-establishment of the biomass will be required.

The advantages of an RBC system are:

  • Low power demand.
  • Maintenance and housekeeping requirements are minimal.
  • Only basic operator skills required.
  • The process is not easily tampered with.