Disinfection – Water

Chlorination: Chlorine is routinely added to drinking water supplies.  An economical, simple and reliable chlorination solution is the tablet feed system, made up of the tablet dispenser unit and easy-to-use chlorine tablets. These are suitable for use in reservoirs (storage tanks)/treatment plants, for re-chlorination within a water distribution network or as backup chlorination. Chlorine tablets are safer than chlorine gas and have lower OH&S requirements. Tablets are more concentrated than liquid chlorine with less contribution to TDS, chlorates and pH. Shelf life 24 months +

Ultraviolet Radiation: Ultraviolet radiation is an effective disinfection process that does not produce by-products that may be toxic to humans.  UV dose is a produce of UV intensity and exposure time and is expressed as milliwatt seconds per square centimetre (mW.s/cm2).  UV achieves disinfection by initiating a photochemical reaction that damages the DNA molecule within micro-organisms, so that cell division and consequently multiplication can no longer occur.  A chemical residual, such as chlorine, may be required after UV disinfection to limit bacterial regrowth within the distribution system.