EPCO Australia supplies the following aeration systems:

  • Cast Iron / Stainless Steel Coarse Bubble Diffusers
  • Synthetic fine bubble membrane diffusers
  • Mechanical Aerators

Cast Iron/Stainless Steel Coarse Bubble Diffusers

Coarse bubble diffusers are a non-clog diffuser ideally suited for intermittent aeration systems and sewage streams that have had limited screening. Air quality required for the coarse bubble diffuser is not as critical as for the fine bubble type. The EPCO Australia range of coarse bubble diffusers are extremely reliable under arduous conditions.

Synthetic Fine/Medium Bubble Membrane Diffusers

Synthetic membrane diffusers are ideal for higher oxygen utilisation efficiency requirements in continuous or intermittent aeration situations.

Silicone diffusers have the following features:

  • high oxygen utilisation.
  • suitable for intermittent operation.
  • self sealing in off periods.
  • quick and easy fitting.
  • economical conversion of existing systems.

High Speed Floating Surface Aerators

The EEE aerator has a simple design with a low weight, the unit is easy to launch and requires only mooring cables and a power supply to make it operable.

The EEE aerators are well suited to aeration basins, sludge tanks, treated effluent ponds and leachate lagoons.

The ergonomical shape allows for an efficient pumping flow rate – 969lps delivered by a 15kW EEE model compared to 524lps by a competitors 15kW model. The diffuser is larger in diameter to eliminate spray-back that could freeze up and corrode the motor as has been found to be the case in other aerator designs.